Mecca is a public relations and marketing firm specializing in promoting creative individuals and companies. We work very closely with our clients to create fully comprehensive, customized campaigns that define, target and reach the media, markets and customers who can give them exposure, bring them business and help to build a strong, sustainable


Mecca was founded in 1998 by Liese Gardner who had spent more than a decade as the editor and associate publisher of Special Events Magazine. This experience gave her an insider's knowledge of how editors choose stories and what works when approaching them with material. Her role as associate publisher gave her insight into promotions, marketing and public relations, as well as an education in printing costs, layouts and production schedules. Today, she personally engineers clients' pr and marketing campaigns and carries them out with the help of a top team of creative professionals.


Mecca has assembled a talented team of designers, photographers and writers who work together to create the various components of these promotional programs. Lisa King, an amazing designer with 20 years of experience in all forms of graphic design, works with Mecca to create unique logos, collateral material and even web sites that reflect the client’s message and project. When our clients require beautiful, custom photography, we call on Art Gray whose work has been well-documented in design books, magazines and national newspapers. Kim Schworm, an award-winning writer, always finds the right words for story pitches and press releases. And, many other professionals join our team throughout the year depending on the project and the skills required to make it happen and happen right.


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