What Is It and Why Is It So Important?

The man and woman on the street might not be able to give you a textbook definition of “marketing,” but they are targets of it every day. We all are. The most successful companies in the world employ a variety of marketing techniques that range from grass-roots to very sophisticated in order to increase name recognition, convey their corporate message and ensure that we, as buyers, feel good about using their products or services.

As buyers, we might not give marketing much thought. But when we are the seller, MARKETING should be in big, bold, red letters at the top of our to-do lists, especially if we want to compete in today’s world.

With so many other companies trying to reach the same clients as you, ask yourself: Is my message being heard correctly? Is it being heard at all? Is it reaching the right audience? How many times and ways have they seen my name or message? And, most important, are they acting on this information and how? What are the results?

Marketing builds a solid foundation on which results occur. Simply put, the amount of sales you make is equally proportionate to the amount of times a client sees your company’s name and how well they understand your message. This makes marketing the most important third leg of the marketing-public relations-advertising triangle.


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